Anyang Forging Press Company chairman 2017 New Year's Day speech2017-12-07 09:57:44

Say goodbye to 2016, into 2017, on the occasion of the new year, on behalf of the board of directors, the company's Party committee, the two level leadership of the company and my personal name, I would like to extend my cordial greetings and best wishes to all the staff and family members who work in different positions. Wish you a happy new year, good health, good luck in everything! I wish the company a prosperous business together.

However, we look forward to the future, we are full of excitement. filled with a thousand regrets. In the past 2016, the market situation was more severe than in previous years, and the market demand at home and abroad was abnormally weak. A great challenge to the company's normal production and operation, the company leadership in the face of the grim market situation, to lead all workers to difficulties, forge ahead, pay close attention to the market, for orders, in the extremely difficult situation to maintain the basic stability of enterprise production and management, staff work and income stability.
Over the years, we in the board of directors and the company under the leadership, work with full enthusiasm and uplifting spirit, very fruitful to carry out the work, although the completion and the beginning of the development index of the target is slightly different, but it is so weak in the situation of the market, compared with the counterparts of these achievements is not easily won. In particular, the "7.19" catastrophic flood caused a great impact on the company, and the company lost about 7000000 Yuan directly, which made the difficult economic situation worse. In the face of the sudden flood, the leadership of the company and all employees, together with the fastest speed, the maximum saving losses of the company. In front of the flood, the majority of employees to fully demonstrate the safety and unity forged people Our wills unite like a fortress. to protect the interests of the company's behavior and style. In order to expand the market and display products, the company overcome many difficulties such as 7.19 floods and tight funds, and carefully planned, on August 26th, we held the "international CNC hammer production line technology exchange conference" in Huaqiang Jianguo Hotel. A total of more than 300 businessmen from 8 countries and 24 provinces participated in the meeting, and the expected results were received. During the meeting, all the staff also showed the good spirit of the forged person in their respective posts. Over the past year, the company has continuously improved the management system and measures, gradually improving the quality and improving the level of field management, and the work has been steadily promoted. These are closely related to the hard work and hard work of all employees, and closely related to our hard work, innovation and dedication. Here, thank you for the unremitting efforts of all the forged people over the past year!
The new year has come. While we sum up our achievements and share our joy, we must clearly understand that our enterprises still face severe challenges in the fierce market competition environment. In particular, the quality of our products has not yet been perfect, our manufacturing costs are not obvious compared to peer advantages, which affect our market development, increase orders, affecting our customer satisfaction. We must work together in the new year to solve the problem, with a high sense of mission and sense of responsibility to promote the sustainable development of our company, go all out to create quality products, create safety forging brand.
society has a splendid civilization. The same dream, let's get together to become security for people! We firmly believe that the correct leadership of the company leadership team, with all the staff of the public, our quality of enterprises, the goal of winning by quality will be achieved, our business will continue to grow and develop, security forging people will certainly create new glories.
Cold and warm intertwined, harsh winter pregnant spring atmosphere. Welcoming the first ray of sunshine in 2017, we are invariably authentic: Happy New Year. Like every shining day in the past, we greet each other and greet each other. Put hope in your eyes in the eyes, penetrate the haze and chaos, let it reach the glory and the dream, let it reach every shiny you. As the sun rises as usual, it will also make you a brilliant shining star in 2017. 2017, let us encourage each other. thank you all.


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