steel ball production line exported to Iran customer make grinding balls2018-09-01 16:47:14

 grinding ball machine

 Anyang 3 steel ball production lines exported to Iran, have been completed installed and commissioning, and have been put into production can meet all production requirements of customers.Iran customer highly appraised the steel ball product line.

The steel ball skew rolling mill is a special equipment for ball grinding steel ball, bearing ball blank and other metal ball parts production ( diameter is 30mm-120mm) . The skew rolling machine with semi-closed frame, it's convenient to replace the roller,good precision of rolling balls, it consists of main motor, reducer, universal coupling, roller machine etc.
The production line of grinding steel ball automatic rolling without manual intervention and automatic production, which can ensure the steel ball quality stability. the production line process of is environmentally friendly, energy-saving and efficient. Produced steel ball dimension is characterized by accurate size, round geometry, high hardness, good mechanical properties, high impact toughness and strong crushing resistance.

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steel ball machine