Anyang Forging Press Company shareholders (workers) Congress was successfully held2017-12-07 09:57:57

On February 28, 2017, the three session of the six shareholders (staff) conference of the Anyang Forging Press Company was held in the third floor conference room of the Anyang Forging Press CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. A total of 72 shareholders and employee representatives attended the meeting.



The assembly was chaired by An Xianquan, general manager of Chen Xian


Liu Wei, chairman of the company,made a "work to increase revenue and reduce expenditure through difficulties, quality-based quality win and promote development" as the General Assembly report on the work.


Small branch, big branch, CNC assembly branch, production branch, sales branch and other 11 branch representatives listened attentively to the chairman's report.


Finally, the assembly read "Anyang Forging Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. third shareholders (employees) Congress proposal"

All shareholders, employees Comrades:

In the winter to spring, rebirth season, we forged third session of the six meeting of shareholders (workers) Congress held today, all participants, we shoulder the great trust of all shareholders and employees, and seek common security forging to survive, to discuss an forging development strategy, through the discussion of the policy target two 0 17 years and measures. In order to achieve the goal of the task successfully, we are giving the initiative to all the shareholders and the staff.

1、We must work closely around the guideline targets for the year 2017, base ourselves on our own duties, solve all kinds of difficulties and problems encountered in our work in a spirit of being bold and responsible, give advice and care to others, strive for innovation, and bring unity and dedication to fulfillment. To accomplish all the goals and comprehensively enhance the economic benefits of the company and make its own contribution.

2、We must base ourselves on practical work and implement all the identified measures. Each department or lead department responsible for the work or measure shall plan a plan for the landing of work tasks, formulate the progress and the phased objectives to be achieved, fail to achieve the goal of the assessment, Collaboration departments and collaborators should unconditionally implement the plan according to the schedule.

3、Marketers must work hard and make real efforts to run the market, compete for customers, grab orders, keep adapting to new changes in the market, meet new demands of users, and vigorously develop domestic and international markets to ensure that the sales will be completed in 2017 Targets.

4、Researching and developing directional products and supporting new products, vigorously developing marketable products, perfecting and extending existing product specifications, carrying out standardization of technology, technological innovation and product design, and laying a solid foundation for maintaining the advantageous position of the industry and the technological progress of enterprises.

5、Tightly around the business development goals, and constantly strengthen internal production management, lay a solid foundation, manufacturing quality, ensure the timely delivery of products, work together to reduce production costs, improve production efficiency, to management effectiveness and promote the steady improvement of business management.

6、Based on the position, strictly implement the "three quality management" system, to enhance the quality of the overall level. The quality awareness and measures should be effectively implemented into work and operations, and strive to create quality products, and strive to reduce the quality loss.

7、Vigorously carry out the "small change small leather, innovation and innovation", rationalization proposals, all staff should be strict conservation, careful planning, improve quality, reduce costs, make a contribution to the company's difficulties.

8、We will strengthen the building of a spiritual civilization, further enrich and develop the corporate culture of safety and forging characteristics, enhance our own quality, add impetus and vitality to the achievement of security and forging a century dreams, and strive to create an enterprise atmosphere conducive to the company's growth and expansion.

Dear Shareholders, Staff and Workers, Our company's guidelines, goals and measures have been formulated in 2017. We believe that as long as all employees are interested in one place, one place, one line, one heart, one's own initiative, do not wait By, forging the company will be against the trend, Yong Li forefront. Let us join hands and work under the leadership of the company's board of directors, go all out to make the best of our company's steady development!